Books & Sources

Resources for More Information


  • Body Learning by Michael Gelb
  • Dance and the Alexander Technique by Becky Nettl-Fiol and Luc Vanier
  • Indirect Procedures An Alexander Technique Guide for Musicians by Pablo de Cantara
  • How  you stand, How you move, How you live by Missy Vineyard
  • The Act of Living by Walter Carrington
  • Thinking Aloud by Walter Carrington
  • The Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander by Michael Bloch
  • Back Trouble by Deborah Caplan, P.T.
  • Body Awareness in Action by Frank Pierce Jones
  • Man’s Supreme Inheritance by F.M. Alexander
  • Conscious Constructive Control of the Individual by F.M. Alexander
  • The Use for the Self by F.M. Alexander
  • The Universal Constant of Living by F.M. Alexander
  • The Alexander Technique for Musicians by Judith Kleinman and Peter Buckoke
  • Master the Art of Running by Malcolm Balk and Andrew Shields
  • Freedom in Thought and Action by Tasha Miller and David Langstroth